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Wellness Results

This Is Why I Sweat

Earlier today at my place of employment we had a wellness screening and the photo above are my results. I’m happy to say that my numbers look pretty darn good. The nurse administering the screening actually got giddy as she went over my results with me. And I thought to myself, This is why I sweat. This why workout seven days a week and follow a healthy diet.

For those who may not understand, let me explain what these numbers mean.

The numbers on the left of the photo are my results. The number on the right are the desired results. What everyone should be striving for.

The first number is my Total Cholesterol. This is calculated by dividing your triglycerides by 5. Add the results to your total HDL and LDL

Mines is 156. The desired Total Cholesterol is below 200.

The next three numbers are;

HDLs(High-density lipoproteins) also known as good cholesterol because it helps remove cholesterol from your body

Triglycerides which is  fatty substance that turns into bad cholesterol

LDL(Low-density lipoproteins) also known as bad cholesterol because it contributes to plaque buildup in the arteries which can lead to heart attacks and strokes

My HDL is 72. The desired HDL is 40 and above.

My Triglycerides is 58. The desired amount is less than 150.

My LDL is 73. The desired number is less than 130.

The next number is my TC/HDL ratio which is my Total Cholesterol divided by my HDL. Mines is 2.2 and the desired number is 4.5 or less.

All this indicated that I am at very low risk for heart disease.

The next number is my Glucose (Blood Sugar Level). A high number could indicate that I’m diabetic or pre-diabetic. My number was 67 and the desired number is less than 100.

So all intents and purposes I’m sitting pretty. Great cholesterol numbers. Great glucose numbers.

My final numbers are my blood pressure. (Systolic/diastolic). Mines is 112/84. The desired numbers are equal to or lower than 120/80. My systolic is great. My diastolic is a little on the high side.

Admittedly, I was surprise to see my lower number to be high. I do however think it’s high because of my diet. Even though I workout seven days a week and I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, I do eat some pre-packaged foods that may be high in sodium and I do like salt on my boiled egg whites. To lower my diastolic, I need to consider changing my diet a little.

Anyway, all in all, my numbers were pretty darn good but they could be awesome with a little tweaking. Needless to say, to be an African American woman in her forties with a sedentary job, and still have numbers like these is a real testament to the lifestyle I lead. To be strong and healthy is my true goal. This is why I sweat.

What’s you’re motivation for working out?


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  8 Responses to “This Is Why I Sweat (Wellness Screening)”

  1. I’m proud of you baby:) Keep up the awesome work and I know you will motivate others:)

  2. Awesome results. As far as blood pressure goes I found out that some birth control, anti-inflamitories, anti-depressants and over the counter Ibuprofen will elevate it. So if there are any of those meds in your system, you might want to avoid them and then check it again at the local stores where they have the machines. I had my Gyno appointment and my Doctor told me that. Mine was a little elevated because of an anti-imflamitory in my system from a sore heel.

    • Thanks Michele. I’m hoping you are right about the inflammation. Sometimes I do get a little inflammation in my hip area from running. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. just getting around to really looking at your webiste!! you are awesome and such an inspiration!!! I’m one of those chronic dieters and its pretty frustrating but I am going to keep pressing my way!!! I’m going to try the workout you posted yesterday as well!!!! woo hoo!! happy thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks for posting this. Very motivating!

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