Jun 132012

This is how I’m currently wearing my hair. It’s a high ponytail styled with Paul Mithchell leave in conditioner ‘The Conditioner’ and Long Aid Curl Activator. After co-washing with Tresemme Naturals I applied the leave in conditioner along with the curl activator, pulled all the hair to the top of my head and put it in a ponytail. Then with a small comb with three rows of teeth, I combed through the ponytail or puff, and defined the curls. Afterwards, I apply more curl activator or Eco Styler to slick down the edges, tie on a scarf to set the edges and go to bed. Here are the results.

Front View

Side View


Close-up Texture Shot

Back View


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  1. I typically wear my hair in a pineapple when I work out as well because I can’t stand hair touching me while I am sweating.

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