Jun 122012

“Going Natural” – A term used by many African American women or women of African
descent who’ve decided to stop relaxing or chemically processing their hair.

For as long as I can remember I’ve chemically processed my hair either with relaxers or curly perms. I have always been proud of my hair or what I had brainwashed myself into believing to be my hair. It was long and straight and flowing and often mistaken by others to be weave. My husband loved my hair and so did I. That was until watching Chris Rock’s 2009 documentary “Good Hair”. It was then that I started reevaluating the choices I was making about my hair. It was long. It was pretty. But it wasn’t healthy. My hair had been tortured. So after months and months of researching on YouTube and the rest of the web, I decided to go natural. Not wanting to depart from my length and also not wanting to give my husband a heart attack, I decided to transition without doing the big chop was the best way to go. November 13, 2010 was my last relaxer and my hair length was 14.75 inches long. Here is my journey.





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